Different Types Of Sewing Machines

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to the different types of sewing machines that are available. 

Best Sewing Machines For Kids

Take a look at our top sewing machine picks for children.

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Janome 525S

The Janome 525S is a light weight and durable sewing machine. The machine features include 24 stitches, a fully automatic one step button hole and a...

Brother FS60s

The Brother Fs60S is an electronic sewing machine that comes jam packed full of both features and stitches. The machine comes with 60 types of...

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Best Sewing Machines For Kids

Sewing is an essential skill that everyone should know the basics of and every home up and down the country. Learning to sew is not only a good skill for life but can also be massively enjoyable for children.  Teaching your children to sew can be a great way to bond...

What are the different types of sewing machines?

Mechanical Sewing Machines  Mechanical Sewing Machines are Machines that are not operated by electricity and are seen as being the more basic original sewing machine. These machines are not for the weak and need a lot of muscle power to keep them going. The wheel on...