Best Sewing Machine For Quilting

Best Sewing Machine For Quilting

The most trusted partner for the cozy nights in the winters is the warm fluffy quilt. We all are aware of this must-have accessory in our homes, but very few are aware of the actual procedure behind creating the one. In quilting three layers of fabric are used to create a thick and padded material. The layers in the quilt can be classified as the top layer, wadding or batting, and the backing.

This post is dedicated to help you find the best sewing machine for quilting and will also share some key factors to be kept in mind while choosing one for quilting purposes.

 Best Quilting Machines

In the quilt sewing process, presser feet play an integral role, and if you have the right presser foot, the whole process is simplified. Before discussing the best quilting machines, let’s discuss the different presser feet and accessories, which will surely come in handy when machine quilting.

Edge Stitching / Quarter Inch Foot:

For the quilting projects involving patchwork, a quarter inch foot or an edge stitching feet is an ideal choice. It helps in the piercing of the patchwork and can be adjusted to have a ¼ inch-perfect seam allowance.

1.    Walking Foot:

The walking foot plays a central role in the actual quilting process. This comes in handy to stitch the three layers together. During the stitching phase, the feed dogs fed the fabric to the machine from the bottom while the walking foot feeds it from the top.

2.    Free Motion Foot:

Looking for something to assist in meandering or stippling on the quilt? Then here is the solution! Choose free-motion foot, also known as darning or meandering foot, to get the job done.

3.    Brother FS100WT Free Motion Embroidery Presser Foot:

Craving for some technical innovation in quilting? Choose the Brother FS100WT free-motion presser foot. It offers you computerised function with 100 stitches, alphabet set, and 8 buttonholes.

Tips For Choosing The Best Quilting Machine

Mentioned below are some of the features associated with purchasing the right quilting machine. Keep in mind these features to get the best machine.

Machine Power:

Quilting requires a lot of machine power to sew the three layers of fabric together. So before getting your hands on any machine, check its machine power.

Working Space:

The next comes the workspace for creating a quilt. If you are working on a large quilt, you require a much larger space to work efficiently. That is why machines that come with an extension table are considered ideal for large quilting projects. Along with an extension table, having a large throat is also significant for working on large projects.

Stitch Length:

Stitch length comes handy when you use the tacking or basting process for holding the three layers of fabric together before stitching them properly. The basting process will stitch the fabric layers with a long stitch together that can be removed easily. The larger the stitch length, the more convenient it will be to remove afterward. However, you can also use the basting sprays to achieve the goal mentioned above of basting or tacking.

Are you looking for the best sewing machine for quilting? Well, keep in mind the features mentioned above and points while purchasing to get the best possible machine.




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